Fresh milk coffee vending


Future is here!

Have you ever wondered how to make your customers happy and sell more coffee?
We have a solution!

Market data shows that people choose coffee with fresh milk instead of coffee with instant milk.

Great coffee is important.

Our engineers have built up the first vending machine which is working with fresh milk to provide the best quality drinks 24/7. Milk fridge and stream system are integrated into a Necta Canto machine with a large brewing unit and 120Z cup dispenser. This machine helps to sell more drinks for higher price.

Be better than your competitors!


Order Necta Canto Fresh Milk and get our machine with installed 17' inch HD display to increase your sales even more.

Visible Vending
  • Very Simple to use
  • No special training is required for you or your staff.
  • Makes drinks with perfect foam
  • Fridge for 10l UHT Bag n box milk
  • Automatic cleaning system (you don’t need to clean milk system manually up to one week)
  • System detects when fresh milk is finished and blocks fresh milk selections
  • 2 instant Canisters (1 can be used for instant milk and 1 for chocolate) or for 2 instant chocolates if you want to use only drinks with fresh milk
  • For fresh milk system 90% of spare parts are used original from Necta
  • Possible together with Syrup Kit
  • Possible together with TV installed
  • Works really perfect and provides really quality fresh milk drinks
  • Tested for more than a year on real places


This is the first coffee vending machine in the World which dispenses high quality drinks with fresh milk and requires almost the same maintenance as standard instant milk machines.

Thanks to possibility to make coffee with fresh milk at the same time - Drinks with fresh milk are dispensed in 40 seconds on average (with fresh milk in 12 oz cup)

One Fresh Milk Bag n Box package ensures at least 100 drinks with fresh milk.
Experience shows that people also drink coffee without milk and coffee beverages with instant milk as well as hot chocolate drinks.
Our clients draw attention that one refill makes an average of 200-250 drinks.

About 80-150 ml is used on a 12OZ cup (depends from dosage adjustment) .
The amount of milk portion may be adjusted as you wish.

The fresh milk system is equipped with ‘’patent pending’’ technology enabling the machine to operate for up to 7 days with no need for manual maintenance. Besides, this machine will not develop any smells in a week’s time.

The fresh milk system maintenance with bag n box takes 5 minutes on the spot.

We recommend to take a new, already cleaned fresh milk set (clean pipes, clean cappuccino dispenser, clean needle) making possible to be easily replaced within just a few minutes. The removed set can be cleaned without effort using specialized milk cleaner chemicals nearby a sink.
We recommend to spend as little time as possible on place where vending machine is installed to reduce the machine idle time.

Yes. All portions can be adjusted in Necta service settings.

Fresh milk system parameters can be adjusted using the Fresh milk touch screen menu.
Necta system parameters can be adjusted in the Necta special menu.

The system blocks the fresh milk drink selections. Drinks with instant milk and chocolate are available.

Follow the used milk’s expiration date and act as prescribed by the legislation of your country (with regard to the regulations on handling of food).
Inappropriate operation of refrigerator is protected by safeguards – If the temperature in the refrigerator has been above twelve degrees for over half an hour, the system blocks fresh milk drinks.
(the recommended temperature for the refrigerator is 3-4 degrees in order to dispense high-quality drinks)

It is a matter of taste. From the point of view of service the most suitable type would be UHT milk due to its longest shelf life, and it can be stored unopened in room temperature even for up to half a year.

The fresh milk system has a safeguard in situations like this.
If for whatever reason the refrigerator has a power outage for more than two hours, all fresh milk drinks will be blocked.

Our machines are most reliable and have been tested for several years in actual market, however, in case a problem occurs– We assist with technical support as well as service manuals are included.
We are ready to provide technical advice at any moment. If there are any questions please contact our Customer support.

Height 1830 mm
Width 650 mm
Depth 760 mm
Depth with door open 1320 mm
Weight 170 kg

22 Selections including 2 for adjustment of the amount of sugar.

Of course, as for any standard Necta Canto machine.

Of course, as for any standard Necta Canto machine.

Price can be negotiated.
Please contact us for price quotation.

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