Here is the new Saeco Evo line. As a result of the collaboration with the designer Giuliano Galeazzi, this successful line of hot machines has a completely new design, with aluminium inlays, modern and emotional graphics and a new colour display. Atlante Evo, the most performing freestanding hot machine in the category, evolves and renews its look; its performance is enhanced thanks to the innovative Gran Gusto technology (in the 7 gr Espresso version), that brews a true Italian espresso with only 6 gr of ground coffee. The LED lighting system helps reduce power consumption. Thanks to its large capacity (up to 550 cups), wide range of beverages (up to 39 different products) and the considerable time-saving in maintenance operations, due to the Saeco Rotating Plate system, Atlante Evo 500 is perfect for medium-sized supply requirements. This vending machine is the perfect choice for a coffee corner in any venue, whether in the stand-alone version or in combination with the Aliseo Evo freestanding snack&food machine. With the appropriate kit, this machine can be turned into a Master machine, in conjunction with the Aliseo Evo Slave. Available in the Espresso with double grinder, Espresso with single grinder and Instant versions. Atlante Evo 500: Heart of Coffee.

Atlante 500 Evo

  • 15 direct selections
  • 550 cups
  • versions with 1 or 2 grinders
  • 6-7 canisters *
  • Espresso brewing unit 7-9 gr or TTT
  • energy class A (EVA – EMP 3.0)

*coffee and sugar canisters included

  • Cups (h 70 mm) 550
  • Stirrers 550
  • Number of selections 15
  • Number of preselections 2
  • Coffee bean container 1-2
  • Instant product container 4-6
  • Sugar container 1
  • Number of Grinders 1-2
  • Disc mixer 3
  • Water supply standard: water supply optional: independent water tank kit
  • Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
  • Power consumption 1700 W
  • Dimensions (w x h x d) 646 x 1830 x 810 mm
  • Weight 160-162 kg
  • Independent water tank 2 – 20 l
  • Boiler Brass (600 cc)
  • Water connection 3/4′ (1-8 bar)
  • Energy class A (EVA – EMP 3.0)
  • Certifications CE – VDE
Price for 1 unit: 2750 €