Intelligent technology for individual coffee enjoyment.Personal coffee recipes are a real individual philosophy for many coffee lovers. With the Melitta® Caffeo® CI® we offer you a fully automatic coffee machine, which adapts to the individual preferences of up to four people very simply. Intelligent technology and well thought out features are perfectly matched to the preferences of discerning coffee lovers. Exclusive features such as ‘My Coffee Memory’, ‘Bean Select’, the ‘Plug-in-Milksystem’ or the ‘Original Preparation Process’ will delight you!

Premium quality for personal preferences.


MISSION eco & care
We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.
Manual Bean Select
To perfectly prepare a variety of coffee specialities you need a selection of different coffee beans. This is why the Caffeo® CI® has a two-chamber bean container 'Bean Select'. Whether you would like a café crème in the morning or an Espresso after dinner: by simply switching between fine mild coffee beans or aromatic strong espresso beans in the separate chambers you get the right coffee beans for your favourite coffee.

The additional ground coffee chute also allows you to use pre-ground coffee.
My Coffee Memory
You don't want to have to set your personal coffee preferences each time you want a coffee? No problem! With the 'My Coffee Memory' feature you can set your favourite coffeee specialities individually. Wether you would like a small strong espresso or a wonderfully creamy latte macchiato with lots of frothed milk – the Melitta® Caffeo® CI® remembers the personal settings for up to four people!
Unique coffee enjoyement
Original Preparation Process.
As every barista knows, to prepare coffee in the original way it is crucial that the ingredients are added in the correct order. So the Caffeo® CI® pours the espresso after the frothed milk for latte macchiato, and for cappuccino it's the other way round.
Intuitive to use
Thanks to the easy to understand menu, the text display and the 'Rotary Switch' dial it is child's play to navigate through the menu. With the 'Double Cup Mode' (2-cup feature) you can prepare all coffee specialities, with or without milk, for two people at once.
Easy to clean and maintain
As well as the simple to remove brewing unit, you can also remove the milk system for easy cleaning. The milk container is even dishwasher safe. With 'Easy Steam Cleaning' you can use hot water and steam to quickly and hygienically clean the parts in contact with milk each time they are used.
Price for 1 unit: 697 €