Occupying just 58 cm / 23 inches of linear counter space this machine was conceived to be compact without compromising on performance.  Designed for take away foodservice professionals, this machine can also handle traditional espresso and cappuccino cups with its drip tray supplement.

Futurmat Rimini Compact Tall 2 Group

The regular filter holders can take cups up to 13cm high, whilst a special one cup filter holder gives a clearance of 16cm – ideal for a single 20oz cup.

This heavy duty machine combines many features to make an extremely versatile coffee machine. Features one steam wand, a hot water dispenser, two group heads for up to 4 coffees at once, programmable automatic coffee measurement and a movable stand for smaller cups.  Large heavy-duty touch-sensitive key pads facilitate the barista’s work.  The stainless steel wire drip tray ensures they serving cups are always clean.  These built-to-last machines have no plastic in their body panels.

  • Electronic dosage of coffee portions. This gives a consistent cup of coffee for your customers.
  • 8L Boiler capacity

Large heavy duty, touch sensitive key pads.

  • 2 Kg brass Group Heads with E61 infusion and extraction technology optimise espresso quality.
  • Stainless steel wire drip tray helps to keep serving cup bases clean.
  • Lime-scale resistant Teflon treated group injectors, heat exchanger inlet fitting, boiler inlet fitting and flow meters minimise equipment failure risk.
  • Group exhaust solenoids feature the highest quality rubber seals.
  • Large highly durable 120 watts pump motors.
  • These built to last machines have no plastic in their body panels.
  • 8 litre boiler with automatic refill and optimal 3kw element
  • Pump and motor incorporated into the machine.
  • Security Valve and thermostat.
  • Copper boiler with independent thermo-siphon heat exchangers for each Group Head.
  • Weight 50kg
  • Height: 47 cm
  • Width:   58 cm
  • Depth:  52 cm
  • Power: 3kw
Price for 1 unit: 1630 €