A revolution in changegiver technology, the MEI CashFlow® 7900 will help increase sales and boost your profits.

One key feature of the MEI CashFlow® 7900 is its ability to retrieve important audit data giving you a better understanding of the cash flow running through your business. You can download transactions on lost sales, tubes replenished and the amount of money held in the changegiver.

Another major benefit is the changegiver’s ability to minimise ‘No Change’ situations and the amount of cash stored in the machine through its five tube capacity, its flexibility and the intelligent auto float system. The auto float monitors transactions, and ensures the right quantity of correct coins in the tubes.


  • Constantly monitoring cash in tubes offering full, real-time audit
  • Instant Floating – dispenses surplus coins and identifies replenishment needed
  • Five configurable payout denominations
  • Eliminates exact change
  • Highest change capacity
  • Intuitive diagnostics
  • Easy to use, large intuitive display
  • Highest level reliability
  • Fully accessible coin path, route people can clear debris without tools
  • Simplicity – virtually no training necessary
  • 20 pre-programmed cassettes
  • Water and jam resistant
Price for 1 unit: 370 €
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