The new product of the CashFlow family is a highly innovative payment system that will help you maximise sales and minimise costs.

CashFlow® 8000 is based on the well known and reliable CF7000 platform and equipped with new features that will give you the tools and business information to increase your business efficiency and increase your profits.


Amongst the new features of the CashFlow® 8000 is easy audit collection via USB, traditional IrDA or Bluetooth. Combined with the Data Merge™ technology it delivers an effective tool to manage your field base. Data Merge™ technology allows to collect complete audit data from the machine and payment systems in one simple EVA/DTS file.
CashFlow® 8000 also offers enhanced cash security. Patented sonar and Autofloat™ technology in combination with the new Real Time Clock provide ultimate cash control by time & date stamping any cash discrepancies in the machine.
Another advantage of the new changer is an option of integrated cashless reader, which represents the most cost-effective cash & cashless combination on the market.
Price for 1 unit: 380 €
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