Side Light Box

Side light boxes –This side light box is equipped with a click system so that product information can be changed in a few minutes! This is a great opportunity to make a machine in a public place visible from distance. In public places there are many promotion stands and illuminated distractions, making it almost impossible to notice coffee or snack machines not equipped with light ads. Install an LED light box in the vending machine and get more purchases! Make your machine visible!

Can be made in any size and for any machine. Pictures are for informational purposes only.

The LightLED light box is a superplan (Thickness – 23mm), while maintaining a uniform luminous spread across the entire surface. The Clic squeegee mechanism allows you to quickly and easily change the image. LED light boxes will allow you to significantly improve your ad.

This panel is made using special LED organic glass of 8 mm, which makes your promotional images even brighter, glossy / translucent PET material with UV protection of 0.7mm thickness will be used for the front cover.


  • Elegant appearance and contemporary materials – silver-anodized aluminum
  • Simple poster change – klik-system frame
  • Poster protection – Special UV-protected panel provides long-lasting image color preservation.
  • High efficiency with low power consumption
  • Immediately ready for use, power adapter included.