Solista is the latest addition to Necta table-top range. With its sleek design, high capacity level and leading-edge technological performance, it is a machine for aficionados.
Solista uses Z4000 technology, which delivers perfect freshly ground espresso coffee and espresso-based ‘speciality’ drinks in just a few seconds, all served at the ideal temperature.


Z4000 and Freemix, patented technologies for a perfect drink
  • New Z4000 coffee brewer, available in small or big version according to the different market needs
  • New Freemix instant technology
  • Wide choice of drinks in a machine with small footprint
  • Modular canisters for instant products

Design and user interface
  • Elegant design with chromium plated frame around selection area
  • Led lighting of the selection labels
  • Appealing side panels easy to customize
  • See through coffee beans hopper

Electronics and maintenance
  • 16 bit electronics with 4 mb flash eprom
  • Large graphic display 128 X 64 pixel with possibility to show simple animations
  • Configuration of the machine set-up through management software Giga
  • Colour coding of the main internal components for easy maintenance
  • User Interface: Direct selections
  • Cups capacity: 200
  • No. of selections: Up to 10
  • No. of pre-selections: 2
  • No. of canisters: Up to 6
  • No. of mixing bowls: 2
  • Stirrers capacity: 180
  • Coffee brewer: Espresso Z4000, Small or Big. Capacity only coffee in the brewer: small 6-9 gr; big 7-15 gr
  • No. of boilers: 1
  • Espresso boiler capacity: 0,2 Lt
  • Heating element espresso boiler: 1.000 W
  • Height of the cup station: 140 mm
  • Protocol: Executive – MDB ou BDV
  • Height: 750 mm
  • Height with basestand: 1550 mm
  • Width: 410 mm
  • Depth: 564 mm
  • Depth with door open: 822 mm
  • Weight: Aprox. 42 kgs
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Max. power consumption: 1.500 W
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

Payment system module

Price for 1 unit: 1600 €