The NRI G-13.mft is the market leading 3.5″ coin validator. This popular coin validator is used in applications with standard coin acceptance speed requirements such as AWP and casino machines, table-top vending machines, carwash or laundry applications or you can choose the battery version for parking machines.

NRI G13 & MDB converter € Acceptor

Industry-leading Security:

  • Best coin validation using unique MFT Multi-Frequency Technology
  • Coin material scanning in terms of three coil pairs with proven optical diameter measurement
  • Simultaneous evaluation of 24 measurement parameters for 32 coin channels
  • Protection against string manipulation
  • Optical system designed to monitor the coin path

Flexible Design:

  • Inhibit of single coins or coin groups direct at the machine
  • Teach function for up to 8 coins/tokens as a standard
  • WinEMP PC application for extensive device & coin configurations as well as uploads
  • HENRI+  service tool for quick on-site device and coin configuration uploads

Flexible Approach:

  • Several coin acceptor entry & outlet options
  • Two options for front plate
  • Various machine interface solutions
    • serial interfaces: ccTalk, also via USB connection, MDB, S1
    • parallel interfaces: Standard version, SGI (Simple Gaming Interface) & Casino version for extra fast coin acceptance; with totalizer function; BDTA-compatible versions
  • Optional wake-up sensor for low-power applications
  • 3-way standard or high-speed coin sorter options

Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):

  • 102 x 89 x 52

Coin processing:

  • 32 coins max. in 2 x 16 or 1 x 32 channels
  • Diameter: 15 – 31.5mm (optional up to 32.5mm)
  • Thickness: 1.5 – 2.5mm (optional up to 3.3mm)
  • Speed: 2 – 6 coins per second

Interfaces supported:


  • Standard version
  • SGI 16/49/46/62/33/80/100 versions as Simple Gaming Interfaces
  • Casino version for high-speed coin acceptance
  • AMU version for AWP Spain
  • With totalizer function as 1/2-price totalizer, Timer, TV totalizer
  • BDTA-compatible 14 and 16-pole interfaces


  • ccTalk, also in combination with USB
  • MDB and S1

Temperature range: 

  • -25°C to +70°C

Supply voltage:

  • 10–24V DC ±10%
  • Optional: 10–48V DC

Current consumption:

  • Standby mode: approx. 30mA
  • Validation mode: approx.100mA
  • Battery sleep mode: ≤ 15μA
Firmware Upload Tools
  • Mobile HENRI+ service tool for on-site uploads
  • WinFlash2 PC application for back-office uploads
Configuration Tools
  • Mobile HENRI+ service tool for on-site configuration uploads
  • WinEMP PC application for back-office detail configuration
  • WinEMP.dll program library for remote configuration uploads over host
Test Tools
  • ccTalk Demo PC application for testing coin acceptance of G-13.mft ccTalk
  • WinSPT PC application for testing coin acceptance and interfaces of serial G-13.mft
System Integrators
  • i² Mini Hub
  • USB/RS-232 adapters for G-13.mft ccTalk
  • MDB converter
  • Converter to connect a parallel G-13.mft to other payment system control boards
  • a² long channel coin changer housing
  • 5“ housing
  • Payment Manager program library for serial coin validators
  • NRIHIDAPI.dll program library for serial coin validators
  • e² escrow for coin collection and deflection to cash box or return area
  • s² SSD 3-way standard sorters
  • s² HSD 3-way high-speed sorter with optional frame
Front Plates for G-13.mft
  • MIDI front plate (155 x 63mm)
  • MINI front plate (120 x 60mm)
ccTalk Demo PC Application
  • For testing coin validation
Manipulation Protection
  • Sensor for increased protection against manipulation in coin outlet area
Price for 1 unit: 125 €
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